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Repair Services

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Every instrument needs new strings from time to time. This includes cleaning and polishing the instrument then replacing the strings and adjusting the truss rod when applicable.



Do the switch or pots need replacing? Are you electronics making scratchy sounds? Weird buzzing or humming? Output jack not working? Want to replace the pickups? Want a custom wiring job or just upgraded electronics? Any of this and more can be done for your instrument!


Crack Repair

Nothing worse than a broken headstock or a crack in the body of your instrument.  Usually though, nothing is too far gone to get your instrument back to playing condition!

Four string Violin

Other Issues

Replacement bridge for an Acoustic Guitar, a new head for your Banjolele or new bridge for a Russian Balalaika. Overhauls on vintage instruments and so much more! If you have a problem, I can take care of it!

Standard and Deluxe Set Up

A set up brings your instrument to its best playing potential! Standard set up includes: Tightening of all screws and nuts, oiling fretboard, polishing frets, clean and polish of the body. Then a restring, setting of relief, action and (on electric guitar and bass) intonation. Deluxe set up includes all the above and cleaning electronics. This can also include filing nut slots for easier playability.


Bone Nut and Saddles

This is the easiest and can be the most important upgrade on any instrument! A bone nut or saddle is created custom for your instrument. This improves sustain, intonation, tuning stability and makes the instrument more comfortable to play!


Fret Work

Whether it's high frets or fret indentations, these will all affect string buzz and intonation. It could be as easy as addressing one fret, leveling and dressing all your frets or as far as replacing all the frets! Fret work is the most important part of making an instrument play great!


Bowed Instruments

Maybe you need a simple restring and tune. Maybe you need a bridge reset or a custom bridge made for your instrument or the sound post reset. Crack repair, action set and more can all be done to take care of your Violin, Viola, Cello or Bass!