I specialize in full service repair of any instrument with strings, be it guitar, mandolin, violin and anything else. I was born and raised outside of Chicago, IL in the USA where I got my start as a guitarist and tenor saxophone player. I began to repair my own guitars at age 15, starting with simple set ups and wiring. After going to University and while playing in original and cover bands all over the Midwest, I worked on luthier studies at The Chicago School of Guitar Making based out of Specimen Products. After that, I worked on cruise ships in the Mediterranean and the South Pacific as a guitar player in the show bands. Once I came back to the USA, I moved to Portland, Oregon, taking on a bigger role as repair tech at Portland Music Company and studied further with Charles Fox of Charles Fox Guitars. In October of 2019, I moved to Hawkes Bay with my wife, Elizabeth. At the end of 2019, I set up a full workshop out of Musicworks Hastings, which is where I am currently based. I live in Napier with my wife and our little one.